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Everyone wants the best for their baby. From the big things like the best schools, best care providers and best doctors, to the smaller things like best cribs, baby monitors, and bottles. Choosing the best diaper bag depends entirely on who is asking! There are loads of great pieces on the market, each offering something different to a different type of parent. Some offer space or incredible-organization. Other bags come as a handbag or cute tote bag that Dad definitely won’t want.

The best diaper bag for easy cleaning
Although bags like Petunia Pickle Bottoms might look great; their plush, drapery-like materials do not lend themselves well to cleaning. In fact, if you aren’t careful with a Petunia Pickle Bottom, it can end up looking pretty horrible in a surprisingly short time. If you are the kind of Mom who is going to spill orange juice all over it, set it down in dirty spots without thinking or accidentally leave the lid of the baby cream loose, your expensive bag is going to be looking pretty crap in no time at all. The best diaper bag for you is one made from a study material that will age well. Ju Ju Be bags are still pretty fashionable but they use stain-resistant, germ-resistant materials that allow you to throw your bag straight into the washing machine. Vera Bradley bags and Oi Oi diaper bags are also a great choice if you want an easy-cleaned bag. Both brands’ bags are machine-washable and although Oi Oi bags are as expensive as Petunia Pickle Bottoms, they tend to age much better.

The best diaper bag for Dad
Dad probably has an idea of what kind of bag he wants already. If you are thinking about buying one for him, why not ask him first and see what he has in mind? Dad probably isn’t going to be as careful with his bag as you might be so a high-fashion bag made in plush materials with beautiful embroidery isn’t going to be a good choice. Go for either a backpack or a messenger-style bag. The messenger bag has become popular with men in the past few years thanks to Jack Bauer of 24 fame. The backpack is probably a better choice if you are remotely unsure though. It’s easier to organise, both of Dads hands will be kept free and the weight of baby’s diapers, creams and powders will be equally distributed across the back.

The best diaper bag for style
If you just want a diaper bag for style then look no further than Petunia Pickle Bottom or Ju Ju Be. These bags are really hot with celebrities and have been for some time. The bags might be a little on the pricey side, weighing in at around $150, but they are truly stylish and offer users plenty of space. Bags from Ju Ju Be are generally a little bit sturdier than Petunia Pickle Bottom bags which are made from nicer materials. That said both bags are stylish enough to replace your existing purse. Just throw your keys, money and phone into your diaper bag and nobody will know you’re secretly carrying 5 diapers, a bottle and a change of clothes for baby! Take a look at unwanted gifts or gently-used pre-owned bags on eBay to get your hands on a discounted bag or alternatively, take a look at and

The best diaper bag for organization.
If you need a well-organized diaper bag, look for something with plenty of zipped-pockets. If you choose a bigger bag, make sure the space is actually useful and is divided into compartments and pockets that allow you to easily sort through what you are carrying and find the pacifier that you are looking for. If your bag has plenty of compartments, it’s much easier to swap it for your existing purse as it keeps your stuff separate from your baby’s. Some brands offer products that detach from your bag like built-in changing mats or smaller storage bags. Petunia Pickle Bottom backpacks have roll-out changing mats and Graco baby bags, featuring an array of pockets and a very spacious interior, offer the aforementioned detachable smaller bag which is great for food or bottles. Best  diaper  bags have a sturdy construction. They are built well, with quality materials, and they are built to last. Good diaper bags need wide straps so they won’t dig into the carrier’s shoulders and straps should be adjustable so they work for people of any height. The best diaper bags have well-sewn seams that can hold up to multiple washings without fraying and good hardware that won’t fall apart or rust in the washer. Finally, look for zipper closures in lieu of magnet or button closures. These will ensure your stuff doesn’t fall out if the bag falls over or is turned up side down. Best bags have easy-access and plentiful storage. They should have zippered storage compartments on the inside and outside of the bag. It should also have easy-access pockets that don’t zip for items you grab constantly like keys, cell phones, pacifiers, and wallets. The best bags also have insulated storage areas for maintaining the proper temperature for bottles and snacks.

Best Diaper Bag Backpack

Babies are amazing and wonderful little bundles, and being a parent is a great experience. However, there are some days when every mother wonders why she wasn’t designed with at least one extra set of hands. This is when the backpack diaper bag comes into its own. Backpack  diaper bags are becoming the choice for people who want to have both functionalities. They look fun and convenient enough to bring anywhere but can also be spacious enough to contain many important baby gears and baby items. First of all, the bag should have extra diapers (that’s why they’re called diaper bags in the first place, anyway), baby wipes, feeding bottles, pacifiers, baby food, clothing and some toys as well.

Thankfully, these backpack bags can also accommodate your personal belongings so you can be sure that you can still enjoy adequate room for that. You can always bring along with you your mobile phone, wallet, car keys, and many others. Another  great thing about a backpack change bag is that you still have two hands for what ever crisis arises. Whether you are picking up a pacifier in a shop for the umpteenth time or dealing with a vomiting baby in a shop, two hands are always better.

In many ways, this is really a comfortable option for many parents and even those fashion-conscious moms will be proud to bring these backpack style bags along wherever they go because they are always trendy. Backpack diaper bags are very convenient to use during busy days. These bags are especially made to ease the burden of the one wearing the bag. It frees both hands of the backpacker so that he or she can move freely and hold other things that are necessary. As for diaper bags, backpacks are also great choices. Mommies who are strolling with baby in her arms can really benefit from using backpacks. It conveniently holds all mommy and baby’s necessities in one and at the same time, Mommy can still bond with baby all the time. Here is a great choice of backpack diaper bags that you may find in retail locations as well as in online shopping sites for diaper bags.

Doodle Bugs Chocolate – Diaper Bag Backpack by Kalencom

This bag can surely carry all of your necessities securely and conveniently. This backpack diaper bag includes an insulated bottle holder located outside the bag. The bottle holder is big enough for all sizes of feeding bottles. This bag has a feeding compartment that is closed using a durable zipper. You may place baby’s feeding set or her biscuits inside this compartment so that it will not get mixed up with baby’s clothes and toys in the main interior. You will also get a large diaper changing mat so that baby is really secured and well fitted as he uses this even if he is quite bigger already. Its shoulder straps are padded. You may even adjust it according to your preferred length. And a very unique feature of this bag is the zippered compartment for the soiled diapers and used wipes. The organizing feature of this bag is really remarkable. You will no longer have the risk of mixing baby’s personal items from those that can cause stains such as food and soiled materials.

Best Diaper Bag For Twins

Need a diaper bag for twins? If you have more than one new baby to look after, you are going to need plenty of room in your baby bag for (among other things) toys, sippy cups and baby clothes. You’ll need a shoulder bag or a backpack with plenty of pockets and logical use of space to keep everything you are carrying secured and separated. It should be easy to quickly find whatever it is you are looking for, whether you need a diaper, a pacifier or a carton of orange juice.

If you want all-out practicality, then the Skip Hop Duo Double Deluxe is perfect for parents looking after more than one kid. This bag features pockets of different sizes inside and outside the bag itself. There is a section for your travel changing mat and pockets on the outside of the bag perfectly designed for holding sippy cups or bottles. The bag comes in utilitarian colours so don’t expect anything too exciting or glamorous, but these same simple colors might well be just what Dad is looking for. The bag hooks easily onto your stroller and the lining is really heavy duty; you’ll find it hard to tear or damage.

For something more stylish, you might want to consider the Petunia Pickle Bottom Cosmopolitan Carryall. The bag features a built-in, fold-out changing mat hidden in the bottom and is a sturdy, well-made bag. Another bag from Petunia Pickle Bottom worth considering is the Boxy Backpack. Both the Boxy Backpack and the Cosmopolitan Carryall feature a plethora of compartments and pockets and are truly an organizer’s dream. You won’t be rummaging through either of these bags in search of a lost pacifier!

All Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags are produced in simply gorgeous fabrics that feel more suited to expensive plush furnishings than a diaper bag for twins. You’re guaranteed to be the center of attention and you’ll feel great caring for your babies in style. As a result, they’ve been a huge hit with celebrities and fashion-conscious moms.

One final brand worth mentioning is Kalencom.  Kalencom produce internationally-acclaimed diaper bags suitable for individual babies or for twins. Interestingly, their diaper bags are manufactured using only environmentally-friendly supplies and as such, have been embraced by moms, dads and babies. Their bags range in styles and patterns from simple colors (perfect for Dad) to stylish, chic, modern prints that Mom will love. Their diaper bags are very functional and very fashionable.

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